Lost Podcast: “Special Announcement”

This is a short edition of the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, stating a special announcement about the show. Including the new website, new show format, new features, and our new feed.

Lost Podcast: “Special Announcement”.m4a

The new RSS feed for the show!!!!!


Just copy and paste that feed into your podcast program

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  • Jeremy

    Cool to see you guys here

  • As you are using Feedburner, I recommend using this plugin to redirect all your RSS traffic through them:


    The URL’s at the bottom of every page will then be logged with Feedburner.

    I just installed it myself two days ago when I setup my own feed with Feedburner.

  • TLC

    Jay and Jack,

    Congrats on the new site! I enjoy listening to you guys. You’re funny and have a great camaraderie. Would it be possible for you guys to also post an MP3 version of the podcast for those of us that have Windows-based MP3 players?

    Thanks, TLC

  • lostpodcast

    Yes we will have the Mp3 feed up as well, soon.

  • Chris (turntablekungfu)

    Nice work guys, glad to see everything is up and running well.

  • Jed

    Whew! I was concerned that you were abandoning mp3 which is clearly more portable. Thanks.

    I like the new changes and I’m enjoying the show. The last one had me rolling on the floor… especially the opening discussion about Jack giving himself the nickname. My position of that: Literally-no you didn’t you called yourself the “good looking Jack”… however for all practical purposes you did so. 😉

    carry on guys.


  • Just wanted to say “Cool!”
    also I have the usually sound question.. will it be in stereo this time? and how about adjusting the microphone’s pan a bit the the left and right (that is if you deside to post the podcasts in stereo.)

    anyways.. (DING!)


  • i am very excited about this whole state of affairs!
    for six weeks i had to endure a life without LOST. with the podcasts being the only thing saving my sanity
    now i can can bust open my virgin mary statue twice a week, and get my lost podcast fix on Thurs. and Mon.!

    thank you mr. jay
    thank you mr. jack

  • akamauu

    Great podcast … you guys are moving up in the world with your own domain name 🙂 I am also glad that you will keep the mp3 version going. I listen to your podcast on my generic mp3 player to and from work.

  • MasterRen

    The new website looks great! I’m looking forward to the new audio format and the upcoming video podcasts.

    See ya later guys.

  • lauren

    I love your podcasts! Great show, great together!! I knew you all would move on up in the world. Told hubby last podcast that I expect big things from you both. I don’t think your own website is the end of it. I would hold on tight because I think you two are in for a big ride!