New Site for the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack!!

Thats right Jay and Jack are moving on up to there own domain. Please dont mind the dust as I work on getting everything together. Hopefully this place will be fully functional by the end of the week.


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  • Jack

    Nice work bitter Jay.


  • So you’re moving over to WordPress. I assume you’re using version 2.0. I haven’t upgraded to that yet.

    I see you figured out how to change the header yourself.

  • anOTHERannie

    this is going to be a great website!

    Congrats J&J

  • Sunan

    Can you say “Jay and Jack’s new site is uber sexy?”

    I know I can.

  • David

    Let me be the Fifth to say Congrats! on the new site, and thanks for all the great work! It seems like just yesterday that you were just two guys in a small room talking about LOST… and now all this!
    I can’t imagine what it will be like during season 9

  • it is really neat to see the logo being used. thanks for volunteering your time to keep us entertained! i will continue to spread the word!

  • evilgus

    Will there be a link to the boards from this site? Or is there already one and I am just blind.

  • lostie

    Yay, BJ&HJ!

  • Laura

    Wow Congratulations, Brilliant Jay and Handsome Jack! I brought some champagne with me – this call for a celebration! Now I can have my BJ&HJ fix twice a week instead of only once! I can’t wait to hear your response to last night’s show and the remarkable turn of events.

    I have been up all night thinking about things… Did Kate punch in the wrong numbers? Who else has been named Gabrielle on this show (I know there was someone) Where is Michael? Where is Walt? Where is Vincent? Wow, Sayid sure has been crying for Shannon! Will Sun lighten up on Jin now that he has the point or will we see her Daddy’s daughter in her? We can’t have any church mouse types on the island now that there is going to be war! And where oh where can I get a copy of Lord of the Flies? And while I’m at it, I best get another copy of The Stand. Mine is already falling apart, it won’t hold up to the beating it’s going to get 😉

    Your site looks great and you look like you have mastered WP! Paul, I could sure use some advice. It had me reeling in circles, and I’m a dizzy blonde already. Can you offer some tips?

    J and J, I am so happy at your news! This is as exciting as the turn Lost took last night (and that is saying a lot!)

  • madeline

    I’m proud of u guys u finally got a website! about time too lol
    amazing jay, u do just about everything, what exactly does HJ do?
    congratulations! love u guys

  • lostpodcast

    Thanks everybody I’am glad you like the site, these changes will help us to continue podcasting as long as Jack has some hair left on his head;)


  • Malcolm

    Great Job Bitter Jay, Jack you need to give Jay alot more credit.

  • Congratulations for your new website!!
    I know it´s gonna be great. It will be one of my daily check list!!!!