J&J’s 25 Hourcast: “Jorge Part 1”

Here is part one of many video’s from Jay and Jack’s 25 hour Podcast for Autism Speaks. It was a huge success we raised over $12,000 in the 25 hours alone, and should be bale to hit our new goal of $15,000 before the donation end date of April 20th.

This is from the beginning of our chat with Jorge Garcia. The whole chat went over 3 and a Half hours with topics ranging from This Season of LOST to Jack’s hatred of In-N-Out burgers. This first part has a lot of LOST questions about Season 5.

If Jack and I look like Zombies its because we were at the 20 some odd hour mark. Hope you enjoy!

Big thanks to Dorothy Yamamoto for capturing the video.

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J&J’s 25 Hourcast: “Jorge Part 1”