Nominate for the 4th Annual Podcast Awards!!!!


All right everyone its that time of year again. The 4th Annual Podcast Awards nomination process has begun. We managed to win last year with the help of you the listener. This year we are going to go for the Entertainment and that elusive “Best Produced” category. To give Jack a whole other year of jokes. So click the banner above and fill out the form like so.

picture-1.png  picture-2.png

Then fill out the form at the bottom, and send it. You can only nominate once so make it count!

Rules from You only get to submit this form “1” time. Fill it out completely! Once you hit Submit you are done for 2008! Do not submit the same show in multiple categories. Exception: “You can submit a Show for “People’s Choice” or “Best Produced” and one other category.” Confused? See the Rules!

So get you, your mom, your grandma, your neighbor, your doctor, and your dog to nominate “The Lost Podcast” for the 4th Annual Podcast Awards!