News and Updates: Season 3 of TLP Starts Monday!


Well the time has finally come, Season 4 of LOST is arriving and so is the new season of The Lost Podcast. This may be our 3rd season of LOST coverage, but we still have a few new tricks up our sleeves. 

Firstly, we will be doing two shows a week as usual, but with LOST returning on Thursday nights we will now be releasing the shows on Thursday nights. The Monday show will be in its normal time spot in the morning. Also the MP3 feed, and hipcast website player will be returning full time.

Secondly we will be adding two new segments to the show featuring our new contributor DocArzt, Founder of, and his new web endeavor He will be doing a news segment featuring the latest news on LOST, and it will occasionally  feature exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.

Also, being that he has seen the upcoming episodes of Season 4, he will be giving us an exclusive “Preview” segment  where he will let us know what to expect and look forward to on the week’s upcoming episode.  The “News” segment will be featured on Thursday’s show, and the “Preview” segment will be featured on Mondays show.

Thirdly, Jack and I have been working on getting advertisements on the show to help support the production. Since I am no longer working because I am going to school full-time, the funds for this podcast have become pretty tight and we are looking for ways to supplement that. Your purchase of our Jay and Jack T-Shirts has helped us a lot, but we are looking for more opportunities to guarantee a solid future for Jack and I’s podcasting endeavors.

The way you can help us out is by taking the simple survey from Wizzard Media, the premiere podcast company that we are working closely with. If you can see the new button we added to the top of the sidebar of the website, click it and fill out the short survey and send it in. The more we have of these, the more likely we can attract solid sponsors to our program. We believe this is the best way to ensure that you will get your Jay and Jack fix for a long time to come.

Fourthly, I finally finished the redesign of our MySpace Page, and it will soon feature a video slideshow of everyone that sends in a picture of themselves in their Jay and Jack Shirt. This will be a fun way to say thanks for your continually amazing support over these past years.

Fifthly, a bit of fun news. We are currently featured on the front page of the iTunes Podcast Directory


This is pretty cool, thanks to the iTunes staff for choosing our podcast to promote on the front page, and as always thanks to you guys for listening and subscribing. There would be no podcast without you.

Lastly (finally), I’ve decided that it’s time to change our iTunes artwork, which has been with us since January 2006. With the help of Evan Agee (who also helped with the new website design and MySpace graphics, yeah he’s pretty awesome), we now have a new updated podcast artwork. Once again, a big thanks to Evan, who does an excellent job.


This will begin showing up as our artwork within the next couple weeks.

So there we go, that is about all of the new stuff I can think of. We are excited to start the new season of our podcast, and are totally excited for the new season of LOST!

See you Monday!