Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 2.18 “97 Percent”

On this edition of The Lost Podcast: We get into some great LOST news including the talk about the producers setting the end date for our favorite show. We listen to our questions to Michael Emerson from the recent episode of Comic News Insider. We also listen to Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox from their recent appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

To close out the show we dedicate the podcast to Shipper Discussion for the first time ever on our podcast. We discuss the Jate Vs. Skate debate, with help from our friends Kim and Chris from The Lost Chicks Podcast, Aimee and Kim from The Lost Intitiative, and you the listener.

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Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 2.18 “97 Percent”.m4a