Nominate “The Lost Podcast” for the 2nd Annual Podcast Awards

Well the second annual Podcast Awards are getting underway, and Jack and I would like to try and make a run for it. It is a peoples choice awards so it is up to you the listener to nominate, and vote for your favorite shows.

The nomination process just began today. You can nominate in each category once a day. Since there is no T.V. category I guess we are going to go for the Entertainment, and Peoples Choice categories. These categories are going to be tough but I know with your help we can maybe make a run for it

So if you feel up to the challenge, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Podcast Awards Nomination Page Here

2) Fill out our title “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack” and Url ( in the boxes titled Peoples Choice, and Entertainment

3) Then fill out the Your Details at the bottom of the page and click submit

4) You can repeat this process once a day, the more nominations we get, the better chance we have. So if you could vote once a day that would be great, if you cant no biggie

It would be an honor to be nominated, but the true honor is having you guys listen to our show twice a week.