Where is Jay and Jack?

We have had a lot of people ask were is the podcast this week? We we said it on the season finale podcast but I guess some people missed it 🙂 So we are taking this week off (first time we have ever taken a week off).

During our week off we are recording our Favorite LOST Episode commentaries, because Jack and I are going to be in California for a week. Then i will be in Ohio for the rest of the second week. During the two weeks I will post the 4 episodes. Once i get back Jack and I will try to premiere “RambleCast” and dont worry we will give you guys a heads up to give your feed back for the first RambleCast episode.

So hopefully that cleared up the confusion 🙂 Sorry for those who wanted an episode this week, but this way you will only have a week with no new show and not two weeks.

Oh and for those Myspacers out there we have finally started our official Myspace page. Check it out here: its far from finished but you can add “Dharma Peanut Butter”, and “Jesus Stick” to you myspace page. So come on and be our friend.

Also make sure you join up with our fanlisting that Joss is running,Check it out here

Allright so call in your questions, comments, and theories for the next Listener Lost Podcast. 206-309-0311 or lostpodcast@gmail.com