The Lost Experience Has Begun

Picture 2.png

Well the world of LOST is heating up as we go into the last stretch of the season. Our friends in the UK started Season 2 of LOST, and they got the first clue in the new Lost Experience Game. Given a number during a “Fake” commercial for The Hanso Foundation. The number, among many things, led to the password “breakingstrain”. When you use the password to log into the newsletter section you get “access” to a lot of clues.

You can check out the discussion taking place in the Lost Experience section of our forums.

Jacksloststepkid has set up a section of our wiki to keep an overview of the clues that have been found. It now features a summary of what has been found since the clue on yesterdays UK Premier (thanks NctrnlBst). This is going to be the definitive place for all of the clues that are going to be found during Lost Experience Game. You can check out this section of the wiki by clicking here.

With the return of LOST for the U.S. viewers tonight, lets keep an eye out for our first clue for The Lost Experience. I am guessing it will be in a similar ad during one of the comercial breaks.

On a side note, Colin from is making some killer looking buttons. You should notice our “Vote for Us at Podcast Alley” button. Your votes have currently put us in the top 100, so thank you everybody that has voted.

All right everybody enjoy the new LOST ep tonight, and Jack and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.