Listener Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 1.12

On this twelfth edition of the Listener Lost Podcast: We take some time to discuss the prizes for the end of season prediction contest. Your choice of Season One on DVD, or Season 2 from iTunes. There will also be three shooting scripts from season one donated by Kristy of

We discuss the upcoming Lost Experience, and how The Lost Podcast will work with all of our listeners from around the world to solve the puzzle. Click Here to go to our special Lost Experience section of our foum.

We get into our first conestants for our Season Finale Contest, we discuss some great listener feedback, and we get the Listener Theory of the Week.

ATTENTION THIS PODCAST DOES CONTAIN A LOT OF SPOILERS: We warn you of course but most of this cast except for the begining and end does contain spoilers.

Listener Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 1.12.m4a