The Lost Podcast is nominated for the 3rd Annual Podcast Awards

We’ll you guys pulled through again, for the second year in a row we have been nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards!!!. This year I think we have a good shot at winning both of the categories that we are nominated in (Entertainment, and Best Produced). The next step is to vote, vote, vote, this isn’t going to be easy, and we’ll need to vote as much as we can, tell your friends, family, random people you run into 😉 to head over to and vote for The Lost Podcast in the Best Produced, and Entertainment categories. You CAN vote daily and we’ll need all the votes we can get.So thank you once again for the amazing support that you always give. Clif should be working on all of the comic con vidcasts and they should be poping up shortly, in the meantime lets vote!