Nominated for Bloggers Choice Awards

While checking the website stats this morning I found out that we were nominated for a Bloggers Choice Award In the Best Podcast category. I dont know very many details at the moment, but as far as I know now you sign up an account and vote. So if you have some spare time and don’t mind throwing in a vote for us two LOST junkies we’d be very honored.

My site was nominated for Best Podcast!

Since we’ve been remodeling my work this past week, I don’t have time to finish up editing the podcast this morning. Expect it this afternoon, at least by 5pm Eastern. In the mean time I would definitly suggest you check out the latest Dharmalars episode, with an interview with Jorge Garcia. Check it out Here!.

Thank you for whoever nominated us, and we’ll see you this afternoon as we get ready for the season finale this Wednesday!