Lost Vidcast: Ep 1.3 “The Trifecta”

On this Third episode of The Lost Vidcast: We find out what happend after the end of Episode 2. We look at the trailers for the upcoming 3rd season, we watch, and disscus the complete Sri Lanka Hanso Exposed video.

We review the new LOST Revelations trading cards by Inkworks, and we get a special “On The Island” report from Ryan Ozawa of The Transmission. This segment also includes the acting debut of Katie Ozawa. You can check the segment out on its own Here on YouTube

So enjoy the completion of The Lost Vidcast Trilogy, well at least this season 😉

Lost Vidcast: Ep 1.3 “The Trifecta”.m4v


The fan made trailer at the end didn’t upload right. You can check it out by clicking this link Click Here