The Lost Podcast Season 3 Contest

OK the contest has begun. Here you will find a word document with 50 questions. Each questions answer is worth a certain number of points. Either 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, and 108. Some are yes or no questions (different point values depending on answer), and some are direct answers were you must say who or what you think the correct answer is. All of the questions pertain to Season 3, meaning that each event in the question has to occur in this upcoming season.

Download the questions here: lost questions1.doc

Once you have decided your answers send an email to with your answers. All we need is the number of the question and your answer 1-50. You will have until Oct. 4th at 9:00pm Eastern Time to turn in your answers.

After the season finale we will tally up the points and whoever has the most points will win the contest. The prizes are not set yet, but we already have a box set of the new LOST Revelations cards given to us by Inkworks.

So get started, and make sure you send it to the address. If you dont it wont count, so make sure 🙂 Also if you have any questions please leave them in the Comments section of this post.