Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 1-X.9 “DVD’s and Spoilers”

On this edition of The Lost Podcast: We get into some news about the Apollo Candy Bar giveaway. One of our listeners gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming Lost Season 2 DVD. Ryan from The Transmission gives us some Island Spoiler Updates, and we discuss whats coming up on The Lost Podcast in the weeks before Season 3

Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 1-X.9 “DVD’s and Spoilers”.m4a

Some pics from todays AAC podcast. These are screencaps from the upcoming Season 2 DVD (Thanks Michael)

Notice Marvin Candle is using both hands

This is from the “Lost Connections” extra on te DVD it shows all of the character connections

Here is Jack’s in the “Lost Connections” feature

This wierd staticky picture is connected somehow to Jack Shepherd. I wonder who it could be. Maybe the “Him” ?