We’re Nominated!

Hey everybody thanks to your nominations The Lost Podcast was nominated for both Categories that we were going for in the Annual Podcast Awards We’ve gotten this far lets go all the way, if we can get Jack’s Karma up from -5,000 we can do this!

Voting starts tomorrow and we are going up against some great podcasts. We are going to need all the voting we can get. It is not going to be easy but we can do it. Get your Mom, your friend, and your dog to vote as much as you can. 🙂

Its not just Jack and I that are nominated. It is everyone else that has listened, posted, called, emailed, made an animation, logo, segment. This is everyone’s nomintation, because everyone makes The Lost Podcast something special.

Voting Process

Voting is going to last 15 days and in all circumstances will end at 2359 HST on the published last day of voting.

Each Person / IP will be allowed to vote once a day in each category.

All voting will be done from the podcastawards.com website no offsite voting scripts.

No Third Party voting applications

We have expended considerable amount of money to insure a fair voting process. Certain security measures are in place, should a site or individual try to circumvent the on-site voting, or use an application to automate the voting we will invalidate votes that are detected or trends show them to be fraudulent.

100% e-mail verification of all votes will take place, failure to click on a vote will result in no vote being placed.

Non verification of votes is not contestable it is the voters responsibility to insure that the e-mail address provided is valid.

Click on the banner on the sidebar or Here to go and vote!