Lost Podcast (AAC): Special “J to the Fourth”

On this special edition of the Lost Podcast: Comic News Insider lets us play thier awesome interview with Michael Emerson the actor who plays “Henry Gale”. They did an awesome job and thank them for letting us play thier show by checking them out on thier website by clicking here

Lost Podcast (AAC): Special “J to the Fourth”.m4a

Here is the map for the meetingplace after the LOST Panel at the comic con on Saturday.


Once the lost panel is over we are going to meet up there, unless a lot of people win the tickets to meet the producers and actors at the Inkworks booth. Let splay it by ear. Jack and I will be around the comic con all weekend so be on the look out for us 🙂 The official meeting is tentitively set for after the LOST panel on Saturday in the place marked on the above map.

Thanks eveybody, and look out for our Comic Con Vidcasts, and Podcasts