The Hidden Blast Door Map

Since there has been an explosion of discussion on the Hidden Blast Door Map from “Lockdown” I decided to put pics up of the best ones around and link you to the sites.

The pic above is a awesome illustration by Colin of You can see a bigger version by clicking here


This next one is from Sledgeweb’s Lost It has translations of the latin found in the text. Click Here

Cassie aka Zack Attack Jr, who has been studying latin, sent in an email discussing how she had her own take on the translations:

I went through all of the Latin Text and found basically the same translations as the ones on this website . But I also found a couple of things they didn’t mention and i kind of disagreed with one of their translations. So here’s what I came up with:

Sursum Corda- Uplift your heart. (with this one the website said that it was to god in parenthesis but i was thinking it didn’t necessarily have to be to god i mean you could just like get happy or something. moving right along)

Aegrescit Medendo- The remedy is worse than the disease.

Malum consilium quod mutari non potest- It is a bad/evil plan which we do not have the power to change.

Cogisto ergo doleo – I think over, therefore, I grieve.

Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum- Do not consider an old job done if there is still more to be done.

Ut sit magna tamen certe lenta ira deorum est- The wrath downwards is large but surely is slowly. (the translation on the website says it is the wrath of the gods but I personally think that it isn’t necessarily the gods but maybe just a higher power or something that was really scary to whoever made this map , the others??)

Mus uni non fidit antro- A mouse does not rely on one hole.

Liberte te es inferis- Save yourself from below. (yet again the translations on the website say that below really means hell but how do you know its not the bunker they’re talking about cause, i mean, it’s below too, right?)

Hic sunt dracoons- Here are dragons/demons.

Credo nos in flucto eodem esse- I believe we are on the same wave/wavelength.


This last one is from It is a pretty clean illustration of the Map with most of the text easily printed out. Click Here

So those are the some of ones that people have sent in to me so far. Expect a big portion of the next Lost in Review segment devoted to The Map.