Jay and Jack have some great news….

Audioblog.com just saved us a load of money on our podcasting service, by letting us remotely link our mp3 files.

What does this mean?

For those of you who prefer to use, or can only use mp3 files for podcasting. You can keep the Old MP3 feed. This is a big relief to us because now you don’t have to subscribe to a different feed if you still want to use MP3 files, and we won’t be heavily charged for keeping our original feed.

Granted the mp3 feed will not have the Chapters, The Screen Caps and Pics, or the Higer sound quality of the AAC feed, but people that want to use mp3, still can without having to change anything.

So enjoy the show,

Either “Jay & Jack Super Deluxe” (AAC), or “Jay & Jack Classic” (MP3)

If only Audioblog would have let me do this sooner… ah better late than never