www.JayandJack.com Version 2.0!

For the first time since JayandJack.com was launched in January of 2006 we have a major redesign! Thanks to Evan of Agee Design for working really hard with us to create a beautiful redesign of our website.

With the redesign you can now post comments again! To help combat the spam that killed the comments section, you are now required to register to post a comment. So register up with wordpress if you dont already have a wordpress account to post a comment.

There is still some things that need to be fixed and finished over the next couple weeks, like the new subscribe page and a new about page, but overall we are really happy and excited for the redesign and hope you enjoy it too.

Be on the lookout for a new podcast this afternoon.

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  • Uncaged

    Lov the new site, looks fantastic

  • Uncaged

    Love the new site, looks fantastic

  • Casper

    We’re back, baby! 😉

    Great job on the layout!!


  • annebethkuijs

    The new look is sooo great!

    I just have one question: I can’t find the MP3versions back… probably my fault, but I’m wondering: where are they?

    By the way, what a relieve that we can comment again 😉

  • zoblue

    Oooh, I love the faded jungle image in the background! Sweet!

  • bskolo

    I’m totally diggin’ the new look. AND I just got done listening to the latest podcast.

    I WANT LOST BACK!!!! ;_;

  • berk

    Looks great!

  • It’s awesome. Thanks for the new site look. 🙂 The new logo rocks!

  • It’s awesome. Thanks for the new site look. 🙂 The new logo rocks!

  • marsupial

    This looks beautiful! I especially love the background. Nicely done, guys.

  • The new website and background are awesome, and very pretty in a manly kind of way. Chick friendly, but still manly! Good on you. I for one am looking to buy my third t-shirt when the next design comes out, as I want to support you. I know that there are costs involved in this gig, and you never ask for donations. Plus the t-shirts are very cool and extremely comfortable. Postage to Australia is also reasonably priced.
    Best of luck to you both,
    Michaela in Melbourne

  • bigdog5758

    I like the look of the site it’s awesome. My only gripe was it took forever for me to register to be able to post a comment maybe it was just me.

  • luznegra

    I love the jungle background. loveeeeeee it. what about a jungle background sound that we can put on and of ?????

    For the logo I think jack is cuter than that ! lol